Belles & Chimes Denver

A Pinball Club For Women

About Belles & Chimes

How it works 

During seasons, we get together once a week, hang out, and play a bunch of pinball!

We do keep score, but the emphasis is on being social rather than competitive. Our league includes all types of players - we have had members ranked in the top 100 of pinball players worldwide, we have members who had never touched a pinball machine before joining, and everything you can imagine in between. It's just about having fun playing a game we all love together.

Meetings usually last about 2.5 hours.

About Belles & Chimes 


The mission of Belles & Chimes is to provide a fun, social environment for women to play pinball together.


Belles & Chimes is exclusively open to all women players. There are no requirements relating to pinball skill or playing experience. We welcome women of all levels, including total beginners!

Season dues to play in Belles & Chimes Denver are $20, and should be paid at the first league night. This money goes towards paying for awards and prizes.

Players will also be responsible for the cost of games played during league nights.


Not sure if you want to join? Play your first night with us for free! After that, you will need to pay $20 to join. If you're wanting to just play with us for one night (out of town visitors for instance), we ask that you pay $10 to go into the prize pot. 

How to Join
We hold 10 meetings per season. New members are welcome to join at any point, just show up to a meeting!